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DK Small Business Solutions is committed to meeting all website requirements outlined in our signed web design agreement for web design services. Please note, however, that our liability does not extend to website malfunctions resulting from inadequate maintenance or monitoring beyond 30 days of the signed agreement. It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain and update their website, unless a Website Maintenance Agreement has been arranged with DK Small Business Solutions.

Upon finalization of a customized website design and receipt of full payment for web design and development services, the client assumes ownership of the commissioned website. The client may utilize the commissioned website to promote their respective company or organization, regardless of whether they elect to continue with additional services from DK Small Business Solutions, LLC. However, the client is prohibited from reselling the design or development to other entities. The client is authorized to augment the existing site with additional pages, and they may also engage another firm to do so while utilizing the commissioned website design and development. The client is not granted permission to reuse any components of our work in a redesigned website while attributing another entity with design credit. All financial obligations for services rendered by DK Small Business Solutions fall under the responsibility of the client.

All website design agreements are valid for 30 days from the signing date. Any modifications or changes will result in extra charges. Only work that is included in the agreed-upon quote price will be executed within the web agreement. Additional work can be requested, however, full payment is required if DKSBS in-house financing is not utilized.

Our professional policy is as follows:
– All work done by the hour will be billed with a one-hour minimum charge of $35.
– We strive to complete most updates within 3 business days of your confirmation. We require confirmation of your satisfaction within 3 days of completion. If no communication is made within those 3 days, updates will be considered satisfactory. Any further updates requested after the 3 days of non-communication will result in a billing fee starting at $35.
– Please ensure that all necessary content, forms, and images are ready to execute on the day of request. Any images should be sent as an attachment via email to [email protected].
– All update requests must clearly indicate the page, and section/location of the updates required.
– Our maintenance services include security updates but do not cover any malware or hacking issues. If your site is hacked, DK Small Business Solutions can try to retrieve your site for you at a cost. Undoing a hack on a website is not always guaranteed.

Please ensure that your web hosting account through DK Small Business Solutions, LLC is current. Accounts with unpaid balances for 30 days will be deactivated. A late fee of $10 will be assessed after 7 days of the due date. Accounts that remain delinquent after 30 days will be deactivated, and a reactivation fee of $25, plus the web hosting plan fee will apply. Accounts with unresolved balances after 60 days will be deleted, which will result in the deletion of your website and require its recreation. Please note that all late fees, activation fees (if applicable), and web hosting plan fees must be current to maintain web hosting services. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please ensure that your web design and/or web hosting payments remain active to avoid deletion of your account/website. Kindly note that there will be a $25 reactivation fee for all accounts that become inactive for 60 days or more. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please ensure that your domain name is renewed on time to avoid any potential disruptions to your website. DK Small Business Solutions, LLC is not liable for expired domain names. When registering a domain name, the client’s name is on the registration. As long as the necessary fees are paid, the client has the right to use the domain name, regardless of whether they continue to work with DK Small Business Solutions, LLC. The client is responsible for renewing the domain name and any fees associated with it. If the client chooses to let DK Small Business Solutions, LLC renew the domain name, there will be an extra service fee. We recommend keeping a close eye on the registration date and verifying that the domain renewal has been completed.

DK Small Business Solutions, LLC requires all content and photos for commissioned websites to be provided by the client, unless content development has been contracted. Clients are responsible for ensuring they have ownership or written permission for all provided content and that it does not infringe on any trademark, service mark, or copyright. DK Small Business Solutions, LLC is not liable for intellectual property infringements or submitted content. Clients are advised against submitting irreplaceable photos or documents and content that requires returning.

Please submit all content electronically to [email protected] with a subject title indicating the content being submitted and its designated location on the page. Text should be in selectable format and images must be in jpg or png format. Please label all content and graphics with the corresponding page name. Note that we do not accept submissions via fax or paper copies.

Clients of DK Small Business Solutions, LLC are required to use secure passwords on all logins. A secure password should be a minimum of 12 characters, including a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. It is important to avoid commonly guessed or hacked elements. Please note that DK Small Business Solutions, LLC cannot be held responsible for any security issues on your website. We offer cyber security services for all websites created under our platform. If our clients decline cyber security, we cannot be held responsible for any hacked sites. We do charge a fee for restoring hacked sites. It is the client’s responsibility to secure their website.

Third party vendors may have their own terms of service agreements. Please note that DK Small Business Solutions, LLC cannot assume responsibility for any disputes that may arise with third party vendors, whether as part of a reseller agreement or referral. Additionally, please note that DK Small Business Solutions, LLC is not responsible for the functionality or any other aspects of third party services.

Search engine optimization services included in project is just the first step in search engine optimization and is a one-time service. Most every client would like his/her website to rank high in search engine results for selected keywords, yet search engine results are determined by a multitude of constantly changing factors, third party search engines, and the amount and quality of competition on the world wide web. DK Small Business Solutions, LLC uses search engine‐friendly techniques that may include keywords in the title bar, the meta tags in the hidden coding behind the scenes, and alternate image. Subsequent or additional changes will be billed at the standard hourly rate. Additional search engine optimization (SEO) services are available for additional fees. DK Small Business Solutions, LLC cannot be held responsible for search engine results.

Please submit all revisions or changes to the contract scope via email at [email protected]. Please note that any changes may incur an additional fee at our standard hourly rate.

All recurring services provided will be automatically charged according to the terms of the agreement by the initial method of payment. Clients may request to change the payment method at any time. For late or missed payments, please refer to the “Late Fees” section. If a billing error is detected, clients are advised to immediately contact DK Small Business Solutions, LLC. Overpayments will be refunded for a maximum of three months, and clients are encouraged to regularly check billing statements. Refunds exceeding three months will not be processed. DK Small Business Solutions, LLC also reserves the right to bill clients for accidental undercharges for up to three months.

At our company, we are committed to providing exceptional services and top-tier customer support. Although we strive to meet every client’s expectations, unforeseen circumstances may arise. It is the responsibility of each client to routinely test their website, email, and other products/services to ensure optimal functionality. Should you encounter any issues or mistakes, kindly notify us for immediate resolution. There will be a fee for any work that is done after the 30 days of the initial signed Web Design Agreement. Please see our Website Maintenance Agreement options for continuous monitoring of your site. We regret to inform you that we cannot be held liable for any loss of income, whether actual or perceived. Please be aware that modifications resulting from client error and/or problems with third-party vendors or technology, including hosting servers and browser software, may incur additional fees.

If a client decides to discontinue work with DK Small Business Solutions during the initial web design or development phase, they will be responsible for the completed work thus far. The cancellation may result in a full refund, partial refund, no refund, or additional fees owed, depending on the amount of completed work at the time of cancellation. Please refer to the refund policy in the next section for further information.

DK Small Business Solutions, LLC maintains the right to decline or terminate services for any individual, with or without cause, at any time.

Domains registered with DK Small Business Solutions, LLC can be renewed at any time before expiration for a maximum of 10 years. While we may contact you before the domain expires, it is your responsibility to keep track of the expiration date. If a domain expires for more than 30 days, there may be an additional charge to recover the domain or loss of the domain. Domain Renewals are automatically billed based on the selected renewal terms. If you wish to terminate automatic billing, please contact DK Small Business Solutions.

Failure to comply with any of the above Terms of Use will result in account deactivation. DK Small Business Solutions, LLC reserves the right to determine what constitutes a violation of these terms and may remove an account without prior notice. Depending on the severity of the violation, we may, at our sole discretion, limit, suspend, or terminate a customer’s web hosting account and/or pursue civil remedies. If the violation is a criminal offense, DK Small Business Solutions, LLC will notify the appropriate law enforcement authorities. Please note that we do not issue credits for outages incurred through service disablement resulting from Terms of Use violations.


No refunds or reversals will be granted for accurately processed payments. A refund will only be authorized in the event of an error on the part of DK Small Business Solutions.

Our policy states that refunds will not be provided once payments have been processed. Additionally, any remaining hours must be used within 30 days of purchase. Thank you for your understanding.
Once payment has been processed, refunds will not be issued. Additionally, if the client does not respond to any communication within 30 calendar days, the project will be considered abandoned.
Refunds may be granted on an individual basis. In the event that the client does not respond to any communication within 30 calendar days, the project will be deemed abandoned. Any applicable refund will be subject to a 35% cancellation fee of monies already paid.

No refund after work is completed. If the client fails to respond to any communication within 30 calendar days, the project is considered abandoned. 

Refunds may be offered on a case by case basis if DK Small Business Solutions, LLC is at fault. Any refund that may be due is subject to a 35% cancellation fee of any monies already paid.

All hosting plans are recurring billing cycles. To cancel fill notify us by email at [email protected]. You will receive a confirmation within 1 business day. 

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